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Our team of psychiatric mental health advanced practice nurses are available to provide medication management and psychotherapy services to individuals in Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Ohio.  

Each one of our providers has their own unique specialties that help to provide a holistic treatment experience. These include but are not limited to:

- Aromatherapy for mood improvement

- Diet and nutritional counseling

- Non-pharmacological treatment for ADHD

- Reiki & Energy therapy

- Sleep hygiene and quality sleep promotion 

- Spiritual counseling 

- Vitamin & Supplement education

- Perinatal and maternal mental health

Executive Team: 

Dr. Renee Pennington, PMHNP, DNP 

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

Rick Parisi. CPB

Chief Operating Officer & Partner

Dr. Sandra Lare, DO

Chief Medical Officer & Partner 

Executive Assistant - Janet Bucci

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