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Overcoming Shame

#Chakra #affirmations #crystalhealing #ayurveda Shame is a very powerful force. It pushes people into hiding. It makes us fear that people will see how unloveable, damaged or unacceptable we may feel. It’s also a clear indication that our lower chakra are out of alignment. Sometimes feelings of shame can be so powerful they rock us to our. We may feel that we are unloved and unsafe (root chakra), that we have no power and no control (sacral chakra), that we have no confidence or self worth (solar plexus chakra) and we may find it difficult to connect to and love ourselves and others (heart chakra). So what can we do? Shame thrives on darkness. Darkness is where it lives. SO the most powerful way to overcome shame is to bring in Light. We can overcome our fears of being rejected and disconnected by allowing ourselves to be seen in the Light. When we allow ourselves to share what makes us unique and different, with those we know to be will accepting and nonjudgmental, it creates a place for others to do the same. Today, practice spending time working with the **opposite emotion** to shame. Practice confidence and focus intention on positive affirmations about yourself. Work with others to do the same. Incorporate any crystals that have great reflective properties to remind you of the light all around us. Try hematite or pyrite or any crystals whose facets and inclusions create rainbows. Diffuse some Citrus essentials oils to life your spirit and be reminded of the warmth of the sun. Share with us below something common that you or someone you know may feel shame about. Then create a positive way to reframe that fear/darkness into light ❤ also post your favorite shame overcoming crystals or oils 💕💕 Xoxo TGS 

#shame #chakras #Ayurveda #crystalhealing

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