I AM: The Storm

The Devil whispered, “ You are not strong enough to handle the storm.”

I replied, “ I AM the storm. “

- unknown

This is one of my all time favorite motivational quotes. It combines so many of the things I love: outsmarting adversaries with empowered sarcasm, storms (who doesn’t live the refreshing feeling after a good downpour? No? Just me? Ok then) and I AM statements.

'I Am' statements are actually powerful in two different ways. They are automatically Affirmations- empowering statements for the self - and they are also very spiritual. Many traditions that incorporate the teachings of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible are aware of the statement “ I AM THAT I AM”. This believed to be what the Divine of the Hebrew tradition said to Moses in the desert. The interpretation for the spiritual is that God was referring to the divinity within itself. As “children of God” we can assume we also are connected by this “cosmic DNA”. When we proclaim “I AM” we are not just saying “ I am (this or that)” but also 'I AM' ( all caps) meaning I am Divine as I AM THAT I AM – a Child of the divine. It is incredibly powerful when we are able to acknowledge our true nature. xoxo Dr.R

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