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The Gypsy Shrink


Question: Why do you call yourself the Gypsy Shrink, isn't 'gypsy' derogatory and offensive?

Answer: The moniker "the gypsy shrink" was actually given to me by a few patients I was treating in a group therapy session. It was said to be in reference to my holistic treatment approach. Gypsy is perceived by some to be a derogatory term for those of Roma descent. Shrink is actually also perceived to be a derogatory term for a psychotherapist - a "head shrinker. Now, I know that none of the patients meant anything derogatory by the words and being of Spanish gitana (gypsy), North Indian and various other European descents, I have personally self-identified as 'gypsy' for a long time.

The Gypsy Shrink

For something to be truly "derogatory", it must be perceived as derogatory to the person whom which it is about. For something to be "offensive", it must be perceived as offensive to the person it is about. Words do not have power to themselves. We give words power by our intention behind them. I can not be offended by something I choose not to give the power to. When we embrace and own the negative terms people throw at us we are given the power to change the meaning and overall perception of those terms. The typical individual does not consider 'gypsy' a derogatory or offensive term. When they think of 'gypsy' they think of free-spirited, altruistic, festival goers who may or may not be selling handmade items, and I am ok with that. I firmly believe that we all personally control how we feel in any situation and therefore by controlling our feelings and our reactions to situations we can actually alter the energies around us.

Question: If you're a real doctor/nurse/scientist/researcher/educator, how can you believe in all these crystals and "woo-woo" stuff? That's not science, right?

The Gypsy Shrink 2

Answer: The incorporation of crystals, oils, spiritual healing, meditation, Ayurveda, biofield therapist, and energy medicine are complementary approaches to traditional western medicine. As a holistic nurse and practitioner, we understand that there is much more to treating a person's emotional health than just medications or talk therapy alone. The holistic approach to healing involves the whole person, including their spiritual and cultural beliefs. There have been many well-respected nursing theorists who have developed and teach holistic and energy-based healing modalities - Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch are just a few. The idea that energy is everything and everything is energy is not just a 'woo-woo' concept, it is present in many scientific, nursing based theories that are continuing to grow in popularity as we continue to gather more evidence in its field.

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