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Self-care: Don’t over think it!

Self-Care. Sometimes we think that caring for ourselves has to be a big elaborate ritual with music and candles and Rom-Coms and gourmet take-out food. But, in reality, self-care is anything that provides you a sense of peace and is healthy for you. It can be some of the simplest things, and depending on what you are going through at the time, it may be nothing at all.

Just taking a day to catch up on rest, watch TV, read a book you have wanted to get into, or cleaning your living space are all simple acts of self-care. Sure, you can do something creative or artistic, these things are great! But if the idea of unleashing your inner painter or sculptor seems to intimidating you can also:

  • drink an extra glass of water

  • make a gratitude list

  • listen to a favorite playlist

  • make a cup of tea

  • go for a brief walk

  • or turn off social media for the rest of the day !

Remember if its healthy, easy, and doesn’t make you feel worse after, then it’s probably self-care.


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