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Awakening the Fool

🍃🦋Having the courage and strength to be your true authentic self it not always easy. May times our lives, culture, histories and upbringing have instilled in us the ideas of who we should be. This can lead to us feeling disconnected from our selves and just “shuffling through” life; just existing but not really living, waking day to day to just repeat the same mediocre versions of ourselves?🦋🍃When we look deep into our hearts, deep into our souls we may notice ideas that are exciting and unique, but what do we do when we find those ideas? DO we embrace them with our whole self or do we judge and criticize these ideas because they are “silly” or “foolish” because they do not go along with our preconceived ideas of who and what we should be? Have we silenced that little joyous “sacred fool” that lives inside all of us? The young imaginative, childlike energy that had previously filled our wild imaginations?💖💃

Our true authentic self cares not about the self imposed rules and regulations that we misguidedly believe to be so important. Our true self just ”is”. It is always present within us, but we are in control of letting it be free. We learn that the more we become comfortable in the presence of our true selves the more relaxed and at peace we feel. We become less concerned with what others may think and we develop the confidence to express ourselves in the ways we feel are most true to whom we really are, not just who we should be. When is the last time you sat in quiet meditation and reconnected with that sacredly foolish energy of unconditional love and acceptance? It is already inside you, perhaps its time for a visit. 🤗💫🙌💖

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