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Creativity & Forgivness

🦋💞🍃Embracing our creativity and allowing our ideas to flow naturally with out fear of criticism and judgment can be incredibly difficult. Often times we worry so much about making sure we are following our destined life path that we force our way into places we are not truly meant to be. Often time the preconceived notions of what we “ should be” or “ought to be” overtake our minds flooding us with worry and doubt, silencing that voice inside us that is longing to guide us to our true soul purpose. This internal struggle causes unneeded stress and pressure further taking us away even farther from where we are truly meant to be. This can result in feeling lost, hopeless and overwhelmed by even the simplest of life’s obstacles. 🦋💞🍃 When we are not being true to ourselves and our soul’s purpose, we suffer. When we surrender to allowing ourselves the permission to have faith in our ideas, and ourselves, surrendering to the understanding that we will indeed find our way – if we can just get out of our own way- we become free to embrace all the creativity and power we already process, but never allowed ourselves to explore. 🦋📿 Today, we can work towards forgiving ourselves for the shame, fear and judgment that we unnecessarily place upon our selves, releasing ourselves to explore our creativity with unconditional self-love and acceptance. 🦉💖

#creativity #forgivness #soulpurpose

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