Infertility Mental Health Treatment

The depression and anxiety related to infertility that women feel can actually make it harder for them to conceive.  Infertility counseling, or reproductive trauma recovery therapy, can be helpful in so many ways, including helping you sort through your feelings and your options to helping you cope with the stress that infertility is putting on your relationships.


Sometimes, it is best to have a therapist or counselor who is familiar with infertility and fertility treatment options. This is especially true if you’re feeling overwhelmed by sorting through all of your options. Nurse Psychotherapists, like Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP) can be a wonderful choice because of their ability to combine their knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, biology, and psychology.  When you begin Infertility Mental Health treatment it is not uncommon for your provider to recommend a combination of temporary medication management to help alleviate your symptoms anxiety & depression and/or sleep issues, as well as psychotherapy. 


Whatever your reasons or non-reasons are, you should know that you don’t have to go through this infertility journey alone. There are psychotherapists out there who specialize in infertility and reproductive trauma to help you. If you believe you could use the extra support, reach out to us for it.


Reasons to start Infertility Counseling:

1. Your Infertility Has Taken Over Your Life

2. Infertility Is Hurting Your Relationships (personal or work)

3. You're Not Sure What to Do With All Of Your Options

4. You're Considering Gamete Donations, Surrogacy, or Adoption

5. You're Considering a Child-Free Life

6. Because You’d Like More Support