Question: If you're a real doctor/nurse/scientist/researcher/educator, how can you believe in all these crystals and "woo-woo" stuff? That's not science, right?


Answer: The incorporation of crystals, oils, spiritual healing, meditation, Ayurveda, biofield therapist, and energy medicine are complementary approaches to traditional western medicine. As a holistic nurse and practitioner, we understand that there is much more to treating a person's emotional health than just medications or talk therapy alone. The holistic approach to healing involves the whole person, including their spiritual and cultural beliefs. There have been many well-respected nursing theorists who have developed and teach holistic and energy-based healing modalities - Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch are just a few. The idea that energy is everything and everything is energy is not just a 'woo-woo' concept, it is present in many scientific, nursing based theories that are continuing to grow in popularity as we continue to gather more evidence in its field.  


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