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WHW offers 100% telehealth appointments for mental health care for children, teens and adults

Online Mental Health Treatment
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Willow Holistic Wellness's Providers may recommend herbal supplements to a patient to help manage their mental health conditions.


Patients are free to purchase their supplements from any reputable health and wellness store either in person or online.


In the event, a recommended supplement that is not readily available at your local health and wellness store (or if the local store is closed due to social distancing) you can check the FullScript Catalog HERE.

*Willow Holistic Wellness and it's Providers DO NOT receive any compensation from FullScript, any of its partners, or affiliates.

The listing of FullScript on this website is for convenience purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement of any particular product or service. 

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FullScript: Online Herbal Supplement Pharmacy 

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